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Do most new grads do a one or two page resume? Also, I do not think I would include an objective at this point in time, would I? Thanks!

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Student, RN, BSN

Your question brings up an important point that many candidates consider as they look for new opportunities in the nursing world. That is, as a pediatric nurse practitioner, are potential employers looking for diversity of experience (i.e. exposure) to different aspects of the nursing profession or are potential employers looking for consistency of experience (i.e. competency) in a given field. The answer is that at the top pediatric centers in the United States, they are looking for nursing specialists that have proven they are capable of doing something really well. In almost every case, the person who will hire you will eventually be working alongside you in the department you end up in. That means that if a health care center decides to hire you, they believe that you will be well qualified and a good cultural fit for the unit. A common realization that new graduates have is that in the world of pediatric nurse practitioners, the hiring process is surprisingly personal. The unit you end up in is eager to see that you will mesh well with the rest of the members you work with. The length of a resume is not as important as the qualifications you have, and if you get along well with the members of the group in addition to being well qualified, you will have no problem finding the job that is right for you. I hope that helps. Feel free to continue to ask questions by email at jill@melnic.com or give me a call at 800 886-7906. Thanks, Jill.

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