Cincinnati Children's Hospital Pediatric Nurse Pracitioner Jobs

Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Cincinnati Ohio

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is the leading pediatric care center in Cincinnati. For years Cincinnati Children’s has been at the cutting edge of innovation and organization in delivering quality care preteens in the Midwest. With an endowment from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital was the only pediatric center in the United States chosen to participate in Pursuing Perfection: Raising the Bar for Health-Care, a program geared towards improving medical infrastructure and seeking to attain the highest level of competence in pediatric care in major cities. Additionally, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is one of the only elite pediatric hospitals in the country that supports cardiac, liver and oncology specialized care units that are independently endowed. As the city of Cincinnati continues to thrive, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center will remain as a bastion of quality pediatric care for the entire Midwest.

Pediatric Nurse Pracititoner at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Jobs: Click to inquire

PNP Peds Surgery Cincinnati
PNP Cardio Thoracic Surgery
PNP Plastics/Wound Care
PNP Aerodigestive And Sleep Ctr
PNP Tumor/Inpatient Chemo
PNP Pulmonary Inpatien
PNP Cardiac Transplant
PNP Emergency Department
PNP Thoracic Surgery

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