Seattle Children's Hospital, CNS NICU, Seattle WA

Seattle Children's Hospital
Seattle Washington
Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) NICU Level III

Children’s Hospital, located in Seattle, Washington, is the most renowned pediatric care center in the entire Pacific Northwest Region of the United States. With referrals for pediatric care from Washington, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho, it is no surprise that Children’s Hospital of Seattle received the Magnet Award for Nursing excellence in pediatrics. As the city of Seattle continues to expand and gain influence on the West Coast, Children’s Hospital of Seattle in positioned at the top of the medical treatment arena in pediatrics. The neo-natal intensive care unit at Children’s National of Seattle has nineteen beds and works in collaboration with both the PICU and CICU operations to ensure the highest quality of care for all of its patients. In addition to this, nurses at the medical center are engaged in planning the strategy of the intensive care unit, allowing the health care professionals at Children’s National of Seattle to work effectively in team-oriented environments in order to best meet all their patients’ needs. Potential candidates should be well-versed in a Level III Neo-Natal intensive care environment and capable of operating in an energetically positive group environment. Although this role as a nurse specialist can be categorized as traditional, Children’s National of Seattle is looking for an individual with experience in highly acute neonates. Don’t miss this opportunity to join a medical institution with the highest quality of care as its standard, operating in a city that exemplifies all of the finer aspects of the Pacific Northwest lifestyle.

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