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Clinical Nurse Specialist PACU and Operating Room Children's National Medical Center

Children’s National Medical Center, District of Columbia
Children’s National is a nationally renowned health care center that specializes in pediatric care. It is the only facility of its kind devoted entirely to pediatric care on the Eastern Seaboard.

CNS PACU – Pre and Post Anesthesia Care Unit
Clinical Nurse Specialists are highly qualified professional nurses that actively participate in the education of other nurses in their unit in addition to contributing to research projects. In the Pre Anesthesia Care Unit, nurses prepare the patients and their families for operations, use communication skills to assess potential problems, and intervene as necessary to provide effective care. On the day of surgery nurses analyze and consolidate the existing information, and begin the physical and emotion preparations that accompany surgery. In the Post Anesthesia Care Unit, nurses are integral in preparing patients for the transition to post operation care and monitoring. Nurses also are the main source of care in the extended observation period of patient care.

Clinical Nurse Specialist OR Children's National Medical Center
CNS Operating Room

Children’s National performs in excess of 14,000 surgeries annually ranging from standard operations to complex spine and neurological surgeries. Children’s National was the first pediatric hospital in the United States to use 3-D imaging systems in the operating room, and its nurses are known to be among the most proficient in the world.

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